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Poor Circulation Treatment

Poor Circulation Treatment, Improve Circulation with Ringmaster Pain Relief Oil - Rub

Improve Circulation Now - "Sold Everywhere With a Money Back Guarantee"

It is possible to effectively improve circulation and proper circulation with normal blood flow is vital for good health. Circulatory disorders are quite common in middle-aged and elderly people, but sometimes younger people are also affected. You may have already tried a number of poor circulation medications and remedies, to no avail or improvement, but Ringmaster Rubbing Oil is different than much of the circulation treatment products available because of its unique and potent properties and deliver method.

Ringmaster has formulated a breakthrough poor circulation rub that’s been up to the challenge for over 60 years.

Ringmaster Pain Relief Oil has been relieving discomfort since 1950, with the same original formula. It’s a powerful, topical circulation-enhancing rub made with the best ingredients available.

When Ringmaster’s is applied to the affected poor circulation area, you will feel a warm soothing sensation that penetrates deep into the affected area providing a quick improvement in circulation. No other circulation remedy works as fast.

Ringmaster’s very deep and quick penetrating ability, plus its unique, time-proven, active ingredients — Peanut Oil and Methyl Salicylate — allow Ringmaster to enter the blood stream quickly, penetrating deep into the areas that are affected by your poor circulation.

Since inventing Ringmaster Rubbing Oil, Frank B. Sewell, founder of the Painexx Corporation, along with his family, have carefully researched the effects of their medicated peanut oil for improving poor circulation and other conditions that you’ll see on our website. Through this powerful poor circulation rubbing oil, they have found new ways to improve circulation when no other remedy will.

Improve Poor Circulation

The Condition: Poor circulation refers to limited blood flow throughout the body, particularly in the hands, legs, and feet. If left untreated, it can result in many chronic conditions, ranging from varicose veins to kidney damage to stroke. It is generally caused by obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, poor food choices, and hypertension (high blood pressure). If you begin to develop the symptoms of poor circulation, consider acting on it immediately to slow or stop any future complications that may arise.

Symptoms: Symptoms of poor circulation develop gradually. You need not have a heart attack and know that you have poor circulation. Some of the things that you should be aware are: cramping or fatigue in your arms or legs, aching feet, cold feet and hands, fatigue or low energy, hair loss, vertigo and dizziness, dry skin, swelling, varicose veins, muscle cramps and pain, infection, shortness of breath, irregular heart beat, and sluggish memory.

Poor Circulation Treatment: Rub Ringmaster into the affected area of your poor circulation. Apply three times per day.

If you suffer from poor circulation and its discomfort, the simplest daily tasks can be a major task to do. Maybe you have tried every new “quick fix remedy” that comes on the market, hoping this will finally relieve you from misery. Ringmaster offers hope that you’ll see through the thousands of testimonials giving praise to this amazing medicated rubbing oil.

Cautions: Do not use if allergic to peanuts.
Ringmaster Rubbing Oil should not be used with heating pads, or in conditions where vascular problems exist. Ringmaster is a remedy for poor circulation pain for external use only. Please follow instructions on product use. Avoid contact with the eyes, or other sensitive areas of the body. Do not apply to open sores, ulcers, or broken skin. Discontinue use if redness of the skin occurs.

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