Tame your Pain

Ringmaster Rubbing Oil

The Best Topical Pain Reliever You Never Heard of

Ringmaster Rubbing Oil

Do not use if allergic to peanut oil.

Fast Effective Pain Relief Since 1950 See Discounts below.

Ringmaster is a medicated peanut oil, ” super rub” a careful blend of Wintergreen and peanut oil. Aged for maximum penetration to treat arthritis, stiffness, joint friction, tight, sore muscles and restricted range of movement.

All of these conditions require a lubricating rub that penetrates, lubricates and medicates. Thousands of testimonials documented on audio and videotape support our promise of quick relief

2oz bottle 15.95 shipping cost 5.00 2 bottles and over. Discount 12.95 each. Free shipping

4oz bottle 27.95 free shipping 2 bottles and over. Discount 20.00 each. Free shipping

8oz bottle 49.95 free shipping 2 bottles and over. Discount 33.00 each. Free shipping

Over 12 bottles of any size please call our customer service department at 888.960.7629 for wholesale pricing.

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