Relieving Aches & Pains with the Same Original Formula
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Pain Relief Information, Frequently Asked Questions, Answers

About Ringmaster Pain Relief Oil – Rub

QUESTION: What is Ringmaster Rubbing Oil, and what inspired its creation?
ANSWER: Ringmaster Rubbing Oil is a premium, topical, analgesic rubbing oil created for the maximum pain relief of arthritis, rheumatism, and muscular and joint soreness.

QUESTION: When was Ringmaster first created?
ANSWER: Research on Ringmaster Rubbing Oil begin in 1947. It was introduced in 1950.

QUESTION: Is Ringmaster pain rub a special formulation?
ANSWER: Ringmaster Rubbing Oil is 100% compound. Meaning that we don’t include any inert additives or other fillers in our pain relief product in order to give it volume. Ringmaster is not a liniment, it is considerably more powerful. It is highly concentrated, and has more healing power than the suave, creams, lotions, and gels commonly found on the market. Ringmaster Rubbing Oil is designated as a premium pain relief product, with multiple uses. Osteoarthritis is a wearing down of the cartilage between the joints. This sponge like material holds the synovial fluid that lubricates the joints. Ringmaster ingredients are inherently lipophilic (referring to the ability of a compound to dissolve). Its lubricating qualities help to improve range of movement and reduce joint friction. Ringmaster Rubbing Oil is formulated under very strict conditions.

QUESTION: What makes Ringmaster pain relief rub so special?
ANSWER: Ringmaster has very unique origins. Its roots are divinely inspired by Frank B. Sewell’s spiritual commitment to help people suffering from aches and pains. Edgar Cacey, known as the “Sleeping Profit,” told Mr. Sewell, at a reading at the Classic Theater in Dayton, Ohio, in 1936, to come to Detroit, where he was to complete his mission. Mr. Cacey wrote in his book “There is a River” that if you use peanut oil you will never have arthritis. He was correct.

QUESTION: How long has Ringmaster Rubbing Oil been on the pain relief market?
ANSWER: ANSWER: Ringmaster Rubbing Oil was created in 1950. The pain relief formula has remained the same since its inception.

QUESTION: Why do you call it Ringmaster Rubbing Oil?
ANSWER: The Ringmaster is a pain controller. He is symbolic of someone who subdues and controls pain. The Ringmaster name creates an image of an old fashioned rub, alternative pain relief medication that smelled like the liniments used by your grandparents.

QUESTION: What kind of pain relief research have you done to prove your claims?
ANSWER: Research has been the hallmark of our existence. We have continued daily research and pain relief information gathering and analysis since 1950. 2000 hours of direct testimony has been recorded on audio tape, and 1000 hours on video. These tapes reveal some very interesting profiles on how people cope with pain. It provides the emotional elements that contribute to the healing process. We have learned many techniques of how people have put down canes, crutches and walkers by using the Ringmaster Rubbing Oil. Our research has enabled us to learn of the many uses currently recommended to customers. A study was conducted at Mercy Hospital in Detroit, MI, where pain patients were purged of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, and treated with Ringmaster Rubbing Oil. Study results showed improved response and less side effects.

QUESTION: Have you conducted any hospital studies in pain relief?
ANSWER: Yes. A study was conducted at Mercy Hospital in Detroit, MI, where patients were washed of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, and treated with Ringmaster Rubbing Oil. Study results showed improved response and less side effects.

QUESTION: How prevalent are arthritis and muscular/skeletal soreness?
ANSWER: The American Chronic Pain Association estimates that 86 million people in the United States suffer from and are partially disabled by chronic pain.

QUESTION: Why not take a pain relief drug prescription, rather than a over-the-counter pain relief medication?
ANSWER: Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, (NSAIDS) are normally prescribed for arthritis and other pain conditions. These pain relief drugs are known to cause gastrointestinal bleeding and kidney problems. Patients usually have to discontinue use after continuous usage.

QUESTION: What are some of the other uses for Ringmaster Rubbing Oil?
ANSWER: Additional pain relief uses include:

QUESTION: Are there any benefits to an athlete’s performance from the use of Ringmaster Rubbing Oil?
ANSWER: Our philosophy is that, “The easier you can do something, the longer you can do it.” With that in mind, here a list of athletic benefits to Ringmaster Rubbing Oil use:

  • Decreases resistance – increases performance
  • Keeps muscles warm, lubricated and flexed
  • Helps injuries sustained in the neck, shoulders, feet, ankles, knees, legs and lower back
  • Reduces the severity of injuries
  • Maintains skeletal and muscular health
  • Penetrates to nerve endings
  • Restores mobility to injured muscle tissues
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Improves range of movement
  • Promotes faster muscle recovery
  • Helps remove lactic acid build up in muscles
  • Helps remove waste products resulting from strenuous exercise
  • Enhances skin tone by eliminating callouses, corns, and dead skin
  • Helps joints to glide back and forth without friction
  • Stops cramps instantly
  • Treats tennis elbow, golfers elbow, and baseball elbow
  • Shortens warm up period

QUESTION: Have you had any success in getting people off canes, crutches and wheelchairs?
ANSWER: After repeated applications of Ringmaster Rubbing Oil, many people have reported getting out of wheelchairs and off of crutches and walkers. These cases are evidenced on over 3000 hours of audio and video tape.

QUESTION: Why do you recommend a medicated oil, rather than a pain relief salve, cream, lotion or gel?
ANSWER: Creams, lotions and gels don’t have the penetrating capabilities of a high quality peanut oil. Inactivity caused by joint or muscular pain, or a wearing down of the cartilage, can cause that area of the body to become immobilized. Ringmaster Rubbing Oil lubricates, and relaxes the affected area causing pain for improved range of movement

QUESTION: What information do you have on the benefit of rubbing in a pain reliever?
ANSWER: Rubbing looses that which is bound, and strengthens that which is loose. Asian cultures have long believed that deep tissue massage opens up the internal channels of energy, and creates the Chi (Vital Energy) that moves energy throughout the body.

QUESTION: What is the most prevalent form of arthritis?
ANSWER: Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, affecting over 40 million people in the United States alone. It’s a wearing down of the load bearing joints in the back, knees, hip joints, and lower spine. There are over 100 types of arthritis. Ringmaster Rubbing Oil helps with most types of arthritic conditions.

QUESTION: How is Ringmaster Rubbing Oil different from other pain relieving medications?
ANSWER: Ringmaster Rubbing Oil is the world’s only medicated peanut oil. Its very deep and quick penetrating ability, plus its unique, time-proven active ingredients can get deep into the muscle and into the blood stream faster than any rubbing oil known to man.

QUESTION: Are there any steroids or any bonded substance in Ringmaster Rubbing Oil?
ANSWER: No, Ringmaster Rubbing Oil contains no steroids nor any bonded substance, making it an excellent choice for professional and amateur athletes.

QUESTION: Is Ringmaster Rubbing Oil safe to use?
ANSWER: Yes, Ringmaster Rubbing Oil is safe to use as a “pain reliever.” However, as with all pain relief medications, cautions and directions should be carefully followed.

QUESTION: I’m allergic to peanuts. Can I still use Ringmaster Rubbing Oil?
ANSWER: No. Ringmaster Rubbing Oil’s active ingredients include peanut oil and it should not be used by anyone allergic to peanuts.

QUESTION: How can I be sure that Ringmaster Rubbing Oil will work for me?
ANSWER: While everyone’s situation is different, Ringmaster Rubbing Oil has been proven time and time again as an effective (sometimes almost miraculous) pain reliever. Painexx Corporation has meticulously documented over 3000 hours of video and audio testimony from people who have experienced amazing relief from even chronic pain. Scores of email and letter pain relief testimonials also attest to Ringmaster’s effectiveness.

QUESTION: I’ve heard that Ringmaster inventor, Frank B. Sewell, had a remarkable life. What is his story?
ANSWER: Ringmaster Rubbing Oil has only been marketed through authorized distributors/dealers, authorized retailers, and through this website. Advertising has been through word of mouth primarily through most of its existence in the pain relief market. A great deal of effort has been devoted to researching the results of Ringmaster and gathering pain relief information through interviews on audio and video tape with our product users.

QUESTION: Where can I purchase Ringmaster Rubbing Oil and how much does it cost?
ANSWER: Ringmaster Rubbing Oil is $37.95 for an 4 ounce bottle and $26.95 for a 2 ounce bottle (includes shipping and handling) with discounts for larger quantities. It can be purchased here by going to the Order page of this website or call 1-888-960-7629.