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The Frank Sewell Story

About Us - The Frank B. Sewell Story

Frank Sewell & Son Douglas posing for Black Enterprise Magazine article.

The last 56 years of Frank Sewell’s life was committed to relieving the pains of thousands of people suffering from arthritis, and body aches and pains. As a child of the Great Depression he set a goal in life to help the downtrodden, the poor, and disaffected people in our country.

He did not care about money. Instead, he gave away thousands of bottles of Ringmaster in hopes of helping those who needed him. He did this by traveling the country on a mission of mercy. With Ringmaster in hand, he massaged, prayed with, evangelized, and counseled thousands of people who needed his medicine and special brand of insightful wisdom.

He felt the good deeds one does in life are ultimately deposited in the "Bank of Life." When he needed money, he would simply pray and the universe would provide the necessary resources to continue making Ringmaster Rubbing Oil.

Sometimes it meant taking on menial repair jobs or small loans from the local credit union. Along the way, he gathered thousands of hours of direct testimony on video and audio tape in an effort to determine Ringmaster's efficacy in treating the sufferers of arthritis. Arthritis now affects over 60 million people in the United States.

The results of his research are a collection of miracle stories of unique recoveries that provide the foundation and motivation to continue our mission of helping those in pain. This publication is a snapshot into the lifework of Frank Sewell, in an effort to memorialize his memory and encourage others to join our mission.

It is our hope that others will join our movement to spread the word of how this simple product, Ringmaster Rubbing Oil, has helped to improve the lives of thousands of people.

Sincerely,Douglas B. Sewell, Son
Frank B. Sewell Biography
The Ringmaster Rubbing Oil Story

Born on February 6, 1916, Frank Bellamy Sewell was born in the South at a time when the United States was about to enter into the era of the Great Depression. Nevertheless, Frank met several people who changed the course of his life and lead him towards being a successful inventor, entrepreneur, and ordained minister.

He survived poverty, death threats and near death experiences from serious illnesses that lead to the invention of Ringmaster Rubbing Oil, known simply as Ringmaster by people who come to know and love using the product. The following is the story of his faithful life expressed partially in his own words and partially in the words of his son, Douglas.

1916 – 2006

This story illuminates how Mr. Sewell was divinely lead to the invention of the country’s first medicated peanut oil that miraculously relieves pain from arthritis and describes many profound spiritual testimonials of how the oil works in many profound ways.

Excerpt from the Autobiography by Frank B. Sewell

Was born in the country area of Atlanta, Georgia {on a plantation} in a place called Fairborn, twenty-five miles from Atlanta. My mother and father were of Indian ancestry [Native American Male Gawash tribe) … My father’s name was Frank C. Sewell and my mother’s name was Idelia Ray … My family moved from the state of Georgia to the city of Dayton, Ohio in 1922. My father decided shortly after we moved to Dayton that he did not want the responsibility of providing for seven children. At the early age of nine years-old, I found myself a child of the street, making it the best way I could. Through ingenuity, I was able to take money home to my mother, even though the Great Depression of 1929 had already taken a stranglehold on the American government and spread with great rapidity all over the world. The city of Dayton soon became a God forsaken, lawless area with long endless gray lines of people standing in soup and bread lines. I was gifted with an advanced mind, so I spent every available moment in the public library reading books. My mind was such that it could see the results of things before it happened. I could dream or predict events before other people with accuracy, but was helpless in predictions for myself… My life had begun to take on a gradual change between the ages of twelve and eighteen. [He graduated from Dunbar High School in 1932.]

Frank B. Sewell: Life’ s Mission by Douglas B. Sewell

The year 1932 marked the beginning of his journey towards inventing a miraculous oil product for pain relief. It was a hot summer day on a street corner in Dayton, Ohio where my 80 year-old great-grandfather Morgan Ray was standing proud with his tattered Bible in hand preaching to anyone within the sound of his voice. Throughout his life he could not read a newspaper or write a simple sentence, but through divine revelation, Morgan Ray was able to read and interpret the Protestant Bible fluently.

Even though he could read the Bible, the children still teased him about his illiteracy and that day my father felt especially mischievous, he touted, harassed, and insulted his grandfather about his street corner preaching. A few days later, as if by divine intervention, my father was taught a profound lesson about pain and interfering in God’s work. This lesson was so profound, it altered the course of his life and set him on a path never to be changed.

He was severely stricken with a deadly infection in his legs that landed him in the Intensive Care Ward of the Dayton’s Miami Valley Hospital. He overheard the doctors say: “If that young man survives the night we will operate in the morning.” His grandfather, Morgan, made a pact with him that night for him to change his ways and give his life to God and finally to do something to help someone other than himself.

They prayed together throughout the night for God to spare his life and He did. Twice again, his life was threatened through illness and each time he reaffirmed his commitment to continue doing God’s work by helping others to have either a better life and he did.

The Mission

In 1936, strolling past the Classic Theater in Dayton, Ohio, my father felt a strong urge to enter the theater to see Edgar Cayce, known as the "Sleeping Prophet" who was famous for his uncanny ability to enter into a trance in a form of self-hypnosis. Mr. Sewell had heard about Cayce and studied his book. While in the trance Cayce was able to project himself into the bodies of sick people and diagnose their illness, then suggest a treatment for their condition. He was even able to lay his body on a book and absorb the entire contents of the book without reading it.

Today, there are over 14,000 of his readings on file at the Edgar Cayce Institute in Virginia Beach, Virginia. On that day he asked the audience to write their question on a piece of paper and keep it. He said: "There is a man in the audience by the name of Frank Sewell who has a two part question." “One question my father had was whether he should buy a new car or move to Detroit”. Cayce said, “Nw is not the time to buy a car, but your mission is in Detroit.” Cayce’s reading became the catalyst for my father's move to Detroit where providence shaped destiny.

The Pain & Vision

In 1947, prompted by his own continuing bouts with pain, my father began a search for a medication that would relieve body aches and pains. Even though he possessed a knowledge of chemistry and did a great deal of experimentation, developing an effective product that would embody his spiritual, philosophical and historical beliefs would not be an easy task. In fact, he struggled, unsuccessfully for three years, attempting to perfect a workable formula, consistent with the great works of the late Dr. George Washington Carver who discovered the many by-products of the peanut.

Original location of Ringmaster Rubbing Oil on Hamilton in Detroit, MI from 1963 to 1965

He knew from that moment that he had the master formula. Encouraged, but still skeptical of the great results, my father set out on a mission of mercy to find out for sure if Ringmaster worked. He traveled the country for years, often without compensation, massaging hundreds of sick people, giving away thousands of bottles of product to those who could not afford to pay. Giving away so much product kept him under financed, so when he ran out of money, he would do odd jobs in order to buy raw materials to make more medicine. Finally, after five years of witnessing medical miracles, he was convinced that Ringmaster worked.

The Origin of the Name “Ringmaster Rubbing Oil”

The only thing lacking for the rubbing oil when I dreamed the formula was a name. I concentrated several days on a name, finally the name came and appeared on a piece of paper I had been writing on at the kitchen table. I remember at the time I sat at the table thoughts were going through my mind ---“You are suffering from weak, almost crippled legs. Your left lung had adhesions … You have six children of your own, three boys and three girls, the eldest only ten years old and the youngest six months old and all these problems besetting you and on top of everything you are without money.” With such thoughts going through my mind the word "ringmaster" appeared written on the paper I had been writing on. I sat there and thought about the significance of the word "ringmaster" and I suddenly realized that for one to work and manipulate themselves out of such a trap as I was in would have to be a ringmaster.

Unwavering Belief

Like an, 18th century medicine man, my father would pack his bottles of Ringmaster Rubbing Oil in the oversized trunk of his 1956 blue Ford and head South. He knew that his medicated peanut oil would do what the ancient Chinese have known for centuries that deep tissue massage opens up the internal channels of energy and stimulates the vital life forces call Chi. We have seen many people immobilized by arthritis regain the use of their limbs.

Most people in pain tend to limit the use of the part of the body that hurts. With only limited use, the muscles weaken and atrophy. My father maintained an unwavering belief that one must go after the pain, even where it hurts the most. He certainly knows pain on a first name basis, since he has been in a wheelchair three times in his life, and each time there was very little possibility for recovery. While he was convalescing from a severe accident he would often struggle out of bed, with his broken bones still shifting and painfully slide down the stairs on his hands in order to make his medicine for others in pain. He would push the cases of Ringmaster around the house with the footrest of his wheelchair.

He refused to let his personal pain stop him from helping others. This single-minded determination to stay on course has gotten him through major illness and challenges that would have discouraged most people, but never once did he waiver in his commitment to continue his Ringmaster crusade.

The Present

The testimonial tapes and letters of my father Frank B. Sewell’s research on arthritis now fills a 9′ X 12′ room. During the last 56 years, he has meticulously chronicled over the hours of direct testimony on audio and videotape. These tapes were recorded all over the United States for decades in homes, on the telephone, in airplanes, outdoors, in churches, in offices, in stores, at meetings or anywhere there was a testimony to be given about the effectiveness of this awesome rubbing preparation called Ringmaster Rubbing Oil.

These tapes reveal a collection of fascinating stories on how people struggled and won with the pains of arthritis, rheumatism, accidents, stroke, back pains, old age or just about anything that causes body aches and pains. Each of these people had reached a point of desperation. Many have sought or received some kind of medical treatment, but were still suffering. Perhaps because their treatment did not work, or they refused to submit to surgery, or just got tired of taking pain killers. In any event, they had given up any hope of recovery. Certainly, there was nothing Frank Sewell could do for them, a layman with an old-fashioned, medicated peanut oil having the unusual name of Ringmaster Rubbing Oil.

We all know for a medicine to work its got to have a high tech name, with an ingredient list that reads like the contents of a chemistry lab. Besides, all he had was a simple rub, made from a high-grade peanut oil, blended with a powerful medication and a generous dose of prayer. So, the pains of arthritis caused surgeries to be canceled, stopped amputations because of poor circulation, helped stroke victims regain the use of their limbs and generally helped create some rather incredible miracles along the way. Several such miracles occurred recently. An AIDS patient, crippled, weak and in his final stages of illness was able to regain his ability to walk without the necessity of his cane. A Dallas mother stopped her son’s five years of seizures by massaging him with Ringmaster. Reverend Poole of Detroit canceled his hip surgery after using Ringmaster.

Ms Moon of Memphis was able to walk to her mailbox for the first time in three years, after her son massaged her legs. All over the country people are reporting similar miracles on tape and in hundreds of letters as well that date back to 1950.

The Research

It took 15 years of research before we established the critical link between the prayer that accompanies the formulation of our medicine and the miraculous improvements that are continuing to take place. It was not until I listened to the hours of tapes, and read the thousands of testimonial letters that it became clear to me how the medicines we use are so delicately balanced with our emotions, and those of the maker.

When Ringmaster is mixed, a bond is created between the user and the maker. Before each batch can be made the mixer must purify his mind by expelling all negative thoughts through silent prayer and meditation.

That’s only the start of the process because your feelings of love, faith, hope, touch, and human bonding all have the extraordinary ability to ease and promote healing.

Of all the emotions, faith is by far the most intensely important. Combining all these emotions into the healing process creates a powerful mix. Modern medicine has just discovered the power of the mind, and its contribution to the treatment process. Until recently prayer was not acknowledged as part of the healing equation and certainly not by the maker of a product. Lately irrefutable evidence about the healing power of prayer has surfaced to prove what Ringmaster has known for over 60 years.

The Struggle

Frank Sewell’s success has not come without ridicule and nah-sayers who routinely dismissed this alternative product as nothing more than "Snake Oil". What they failed to acknowledge is that the human body’s 206 bones are connected together by a delicate hinge system that needs lubrication to maintain free and easy movement and this is where Ringmaster comes in.

The body has a built-in lubricating system called Synovial fluid, which helps cushion the bones and lubricate the joints so the bones can glide without friction. When we place weight on our joints the fluid is compressed through out cartilage, which acts like a sponge providing lubrication for our joints. Osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis affects almost a 100% of the population at some point as people age.

My father (left) with Pablo Orsini in Puerto Rico in 1974. Pablo selling Ringmaster since 1966.
J. J. Davis, a Ringmaster
Dealer with Frank Sewell in 1967. J. J. was a Dealer until his death in 1975.

As we age the cartilage wears thin like the lining of a brake pad, causing the joints to rub together creating pain and stiffness on the load bearing joints like the knees, lower back and hip joints.

Salves, creams, lotions and gels don't help the joints glide back and forth without friction but Ringmaster does. Without movement painful muscles and joints will eventually freeze up and lose mobility. Non-steroidial Antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are typically the drugs of choice which will often upset the gastrointestinal track.

The Center of Disease Control predicts arthritis to increase 50% by the year 2020. Obviously, pain comes from all kinds of sources. If you combine all the miscellaneous reasons for pain then practically everyone either knows someone in pain or is in pain themselves and Ringmaster is the answer.

The Goal

Frank Sewell’s vision is worlwide in scope and he wishes to see thousands of heathier, more complete people without pain. In 1950, his dream was written and memorialized in a letter to God and it has remained in his office until today, over 60 years later. It was on this piece of paper he thanked God for my mother’s recovery from her illness, allowing him to see his children grow up and for Ringmaster relieving pain around the world.

Frank B. Sewell (top left) celebrating in 1947.

It is his belief that his vision can be accomplished through selling Ringmaster Rubbing Oil to the thousands of people that need it.

Frank B. Sewell
My Ringmster Rubbing Oil Testimony

By Diana P. Conyers

On December 9, 1995 I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance suffering excruciating pain all over my body. I had been suffering for months and had numerous tests to try to determine what was wrong. There was an initial impression that a malignancy was present from the CT scan of my spine and pelvic bones. However, additional tests had not confirmed such a diagnosis. Once in the hospital I suffered a pathological fracture of my left shoulder. A biopsy was performed on the tumor found, and the diagnosis of multiple melanoma (bone marrow cancer) was confirmed. By this time the cancer had spread throughout my body and left me in such severe pain that my body hurt if I was touched anywhere. I had to lie flat on my back and it hurt so much. I was on strong pain killers around the clock.

While the pain medicine made me extremely drowsy and sleepy, deep down in my body it still hurt lying on the bed linen and mattress. I remembered the Ringmaster Rubbing Oil I had ordered a few months earlier. I had gotten such good pain relief for the arthritis in my knees. I wondered if it would help ease the pain in my back. I asked the doctor for permission to have the Rubbing Oil brought to the hospital. He wrote the order for the nurses to rub me with it. They were reluctant to spend the extra time rubbing me, but when they saw the miraculous relief I got they were glad to rub me down. Throughout the two (2) months of my hospitalization, I had family to rub me with the Oil regularly. While battling the cancer with chemotherapy and radiation, the Ringmaster Rubbing Oil enabled me to bear the ordeal much better. Upon returning home, I have used very little pain medication this year. When I have pain in my back and pelvis, I rub the Oil on and feel like a new person the next day.

Well, the story does not end there. In February 1997, I saw an advertisement for the Ringmaster Oil by a representative in Washington. I called her to order the oil and found out I could also become a representative. I really got excited because I knew the product worked, and I like sales and sharing something wonderful with others. I went the next day to sign up. I have been blessed ever since to be part of such a wonderful organization. It has given me added purpose to my life. I will work diligently to help ease the pain and suffering of others by providing them with this precious oil that has a “little bit of God in it.” I will also assist others in doing the same by offering the opportunity to them.

Diana P. Conyers, Temple Hills, MD

To join our movement as a Ringmaster ambassador, call us toll free at (888) 960-7629. Learn more about the original Ringmaster and other health products sold and manufactured by the Painexx Corporation by reading the information and viewing the videos on this website.