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Winterizing yourself against arthritis pain

It never fails.  As soon as the weather turns cold along comes those pesky winter pains.  A Ringmaster Rubbing Oil customer told me that when it gets cold he has to return to using his walker.  Blood flow is affected by cold weather, causing the constriction of the arteries that impedes the flow of blood to the muscles.  He knew that rubbing with Ringmater Rubbing Oil would help to stimulate his blood flow.   The cold weather caused his muscles to tighten up and his joints to stiffen.  Cold temperatures causes the natural lubricating fluids to thicken up and reduce the body’s ability to oil the joints.

The opposite occurs with the thermal effects of the sun, which causes the blood vessels and capillaries to expand and promote increased circulation.  Even without the cold weather taking its toll on our bodies USA Today newspaper predicts by 2030 a quarter of the adult population is expected to be afflicted with doctor diagnosed arthritis.

Since we know that arthritis is on the way we need to build our defenses starting with avoiding certain foods.  Night shade vegetables can trigger arthritis attacks, because of the body’s inability to metabolize a chemical compound in nightshade plants known as solanine alkaloids. Some of the nightshade vegetables include tomatoes, potatoes, sweet and hot peppers, eggplant, paprika, cayenne pepper and Tabasco sauce. Not everyone with arthritis is affected by nightshade vegetables.  Learning your sensitivity to nightshades has to be done through trial and error.  Avoid them for several months to see if it makes a difference in your symptoms.

 Stay oiled

Consuming enough essential fatty acids, like those found in cold water, cod liver oil or omega 3 (DHA EPA) supplements can provide some protection for the body against arthritis pains.  Essential fatty acids cannot be made by the body;  they must come from dietary sources.  When the cartilage is worn it becomes rubbery and loses its elasticity and becomes prone to pain and inflammation.  Many of our customers who suffer from osteoarthritis (a wearning out of cartilage between the joints) also use glucosamine sulfate or a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin.   These are naturally occurring compounds found in the body that help rebuild cartilage.

Some doctors only prescribe glucosomine sulfate since there is some question about chondroitin and the risk of prostate cancer.  No one knows for sure if there is a risk of prostate cancer with the use of chondroitin.  If you have prostate issues it might be best to avoid chondroitin until a definitive answer is found.

Hyaluronic acid is another naturally occurring substance that is an important part of healthy cartilage formation.  It is found in the lubricating fluid of the joints, behind the eyes, in the skin and in the creation of synovial fluid, the oil that helps to reduce friction between the joints.  It is available as an oral supplement or can be injected directly into the knee by a qualified doctor.

Drink plenty of water

None of these nutrients will do you any good if do not drink enough water, which contains life-sustaining minerals.  The human body is composed of 70 percent water and cannot survive longer than five days without it.  The disk in our spines is 70 to 90 percent water and without proper hydration back stiffness and mechanical dysfunction will result.  To work properly the spinal disk squeezes out water and reabsorbs it on a continual basis.  Without enough water, the disk will shrink and not adequately support the weight of the body.

Stay flexed

Keep your bottle of Ringmaster Rubbing Oil handy bcause the need for exercise trumps everything else in the treatment of arthritis.  Bone is just like muscle, the more strength-building demands you place on them the stronger they get.  It is a reoccurring theme that is consistent with all treatment discussions on arthritis, osteoporosis and the care and maintenance of joints.  In spite of the fact that joints have a mechanical function that suffers from wear and tear during the course of our lifetime, they still need regular exercise, such as aerobics, walking, stretching and strength building.  What keeps the cartilage healthy and nourished is continuous range of movements which forces compression of waste materials out and corresponding absorption of nutrients.  Without this back and forth movement essential fluids decline, which ultimately causes deterioration of the cartilage.

The goal should be to relieve pain while encouraging you to restore your joint health with weight bearing and range of motion exercise.  Muscle mass is lost as we age.  The more weight resistance we place on building our muscles the stronger our bones will become through increased bone mass and density.

As always consult your professional before beginning any self-treatment program.

Douglas Sewell, CEO of the Detroit based Painexx Corp., makers of the world’s most powerful topical painer reliever, Ringmaster Rubbing Oil.  www.ringmasternow.comn


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