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The power of energy healing

Tributes about the effectiveness of Rinmgaster Rubbing Oil are now documented on over 3000 hours of direct testimonials stored on audio and video tapes. A video exhibit of these tapes is available on You tube. Many of our testimonial stories are amazing and while I believe Ringmaster Rubbing Oil is a remarkable product, I also believe that an unseen force, is empowered by the energy of human touch, a necessary catalyst for helping to relieve chronic pain. Many of those who gave testimony had the benefit of a loved one who applied the Ringmaster oil to the affected area. I listened as my late father told a woman, whose husband was in extreme back pain, to massage him with Ringmaster Rubbing Oil. As she massaged her husband my father told her to pray for him while telling him she loved him. Love and prayer is understood in all languages and is the universal vibration for the transference of positive energy.

The next day we received a phone call from his wife telling us her husband was up and feeling much better. We went to their home in Pontiac Michigan and videotaped the story of his recovery His wife, without knowing it, instinctively applied the techniques of energy healing with Ringmaster as the channel to trnasfer her energy. A more profound event occurred when a Ms. Gines called and said her son had been examined by fourteen neurosurgeons, operated on and sent home to die within a week. She was inspired to rub him from head to toe everyday. Within a week her son had a complete remisssion. His doctors considered him a medical miracle. He lived happily and productively for another two and half years. Ms. Moon, in Memphis, had not been able to walk to her mailbox. Her son rubbed her knees with Ringmaster, making it possible for her to walk to her mailbox for the first time in five years.

Energy medicine is now accepted

Energy medicine is no longer relegated to some mystical phenomenal. Even conventional medicine is begining to recognize the impact of energy healing on health.
According to Richard Gordon, author of “Quantum Touch, The Power to Heal.” life force energy permeates all living things. The Chinese refer to it as “Chi” which is the oscillating current of life that acupuncture practitioners seek to harmonize in order to treat illness. According to Chinese philosophy, all matter contains a universal energy that has two polar opposites, the yin and the yang; when unbalanced, disease or sickness is the result. Indian yogis call energy “prana,” through which they seek to achieve a higher level of consciousness.

The power of intention

Make no mistake, with energy healing the healer does not heal the patient. The energy healer only acts as a tuning fork to help the patient rebalance their energy field in order to heal themselves, Gordon refers to this occurrence as “entrainment,” which occurs when two similarly tuned systems that are vibrating at different frequencies readjust and vibrate at the same rhythm and phase. Even animals and insects, of the sames species, will convert their discordant sounds into a unified harmonic chorus.

Energy healers learn through meditation and deep breathing to bring their vibration levels to a frequency high enough to help the patient balance their energy levels. The force of energy is a direct result of thought and intention. The stronger the intention the more more powerful the energy. A toy company demonstrated how a ball, inside of a see through plastic tube, couold be controlled mentally by the player. The player had sensors placed on his templesand was told to concentrate on how high he wanted the ball to go. Focusing instensely, the player was able to mentally control how high the ball went up the tube. With this power of intension, energy healing can happen up close or at a distance..Spiritual healing often happens at a distance, since prayers usually take place at a distance. It has been proven medically that patients who are prayed for have a higher recovery rate than those who are not.

Energy medicine is the active integration of the mind, body and the spirit. We are an electrical force of energy, housed inside of a human body, surrounded by an electromagnetic field. With training we are capable of influencing our own health. During meditation or focused concentration, the brain emits powerful electromagnetic waves called Alpha waves that cycle at a signal between 8 to 12 hertz. When athletes are performing at their maximum level, they are considered to be in the zone where alpha waves precede the moments of peak performance. Science has proven that meditation can reduce the physical effects of chronic stress and disease.

Dr. Robert Becker, Nobel Prize nominee, said, “All living things are surrounded by a magnetic field, concluding that the mind plays a critcal role in paterning our electromagnetic energy fields, which helps to shape the physical structure of our bodies. As always consult a doctor skilled and knowledgeable in acupuncture or naturopathic medicine if you chose to pursue this course of treatment.

Douglas Sewell is president of the Detroit based Painess Corp. Makers of the world’s most powerful topical pain reliver, Ringmaster Rubbing Oil. 313-863-1200; website:

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