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Male Testosterone: The elixir of life

About three years ago I attended a lecture on (BIHRT) Bio identical hormone replacement therapy to find out what role testosterone levels played in the overall health of men.  BIHRT is a natural method of replacing declining hormones with the use of a cream derived from a yam-based prescription, formulated by a compounding pharmacist, to match the biology of the patient.  Since I was feeling fatigued most of the time.  I planned to take this new found knowledge to my doctor to check my “bound” and “free” testosterone levels.  Free hormones circulate mostly in the blood without being attached to anything.  The bound testosterone is attached to a protein call SHBG, a sex hormone binding globulin, with a smaller amount bound to albumin, the main protein in human blood.  Free and bound testosterone levels constitute the total amount of testosterone, with free testosterone, representing only a small percentage, about 1-3 percent, of the overall levels.

Turns out my overall testosterone levels were low, which contributed to my lack of energy.  In order to increase my testosterone levels my doctor consulted with a compounding pharmacy lab skilled in natural hormone replacement therapy.  Based on my lab results they recommended DHEA supplements which is a major circulating hormone in the body that helps to increase testosterone levels.  Milk thistle an herb that helps to detoxify  the liver along with Indole Carbinole 13, derived from the cabbage family of vegetables. After about six months of taking the supplements I experienced a 30 percent increase in my testosterone levels.

Low testosterone levels affect more than just energy levels, loss of confidence and mood swings, which is why the Life Extension Foundation has encouraged its male members to have their blood tested for testosterone and critical hormones.  A man’s testosterone peaks by the time he is in his late twenties and for most men declines significantly by the age of 50.  Additional studies are showing that overall testosterone levels in men are inexplicably dropping at younger ages, exposing men to earlier age related diseases.  Research shows that the common result from testosterone deficiency is diminished sex drive, loss of muscle mass and low bone mineral density.

More and more studies are revealing other health problems associated with low testosterone, related to a complex of conditions, resulting from Metabolic Syndrome, which is characterized by excess weight around the midsection that  soaks up testosterone.  This combination of factors sometimes occurs together, manifested by hypertension, high LDL’s (referred to a bad cholesterol) insulin resistance, high triglycerides (blood fats) along with a greater risk for diabetes and stroke.  Men with low testosterone also have a greater risk for severe coronary and carotid artery blockage than men with higher levels of free testosterone.

Unfortunately, most doctors don’t view testosterone as the cause of the problem.  Instead, the patient’s symptoms are treated with anti-depressants or other drugs rather than treating the hormonal levels.  Advanced medicine doctors have established a clear connection between diminished hormonal levels, with disease and loss of sex drive.

Rebuilding vital hormones without the use of dangerous synthetic hormones, can be accomplished with a doctor trained in Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.  Your doctor will measure your hormones along “free testosterone” that hormone which is not bound up performing other functions.  Suzanne Somer’s book “Breakthrough” is a compliation of interviews from advanced medicine doctors.  In her report on  hormone replacement therapy she recounts the story of when her husband was in serious decline resulting from a loss in hormonal levels.  He was 60 and was sleepy most of the time, lacked energy, his muscles were shrinking and he had loss interest in sex. She writes that 10 years later he is back to his old self, loaded with energy and vitality, with improved mood and sex drive.  This renewal of vitality was accomplished with Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, which replaced his missing testosterone, DHEA, progesterone, pregnenolon, along with detoxification, strengthening his adrenal glands.  This was accomplished by maintaining a rigorous supplement program and getting nine hours of sleep each night.  His muscles are toned and well defined.  He looks healthy and exudes energy.  With hormone replacement therapy, Suzanne and her husband have enjoyed a remarkable improvement in their lives.

To find a innovative medicine doctor practicing Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy visti for a complete list.

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