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Losing “the kung-fu grip”

Last year we attended a major hair show to find out just how widespread carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is among hair stylist. The loss of grip strength by many hairstylist got me thinking about the 1970’s action doll “GI Joe with the Kung-Fu grip.” He was able to hold on to objects with his powerful kung fu grip. With carpal tunnel syndrome you lose grip strength. After 63 years of making and selling Ringmaster Rubbing Oil we know how effective it is in treating carpal tunnel. What we did not expect was how serious carpal tunnel is among hair stylist. In fact, almost 100 percent of the stylist, we encountered, had the symptoms of CTS. or were at a point where surgery was necessary.

Repetitive stress injury affects people in a wide range of occupations that require continuous use of the hands, including people who are diabetic. Carpal tunnel syndrome is an entrapment and compression of the median nerve that goes through the wrist to connect with the hand muscles. Repetitive hand use can affect hands with inflammation and swelling of the tendons. Most CTS people complain of hand tingling, loss of grip strength , numbness, pain in the elbow and shoulder, swelling in the wrist and loss in the sense of touch.

CTS disability tends to affect mostly women aged 40 to 60. Anti-inflammatory drugs or surgery are typically used to relieve the pressure from the ligaments that covers the median nerve. Many people who had CTS surgery complain of scar tissue growing back and recreating the original problem. Ever notice how often you see women cashiers wearing wrist supports? In our research we were surprised to find so many pet groomers, computer operators and medical technicians suffering from CTS. Some groomers have gotten such good results from Ringmaster they buy it by the gallon to make sure they will always have some on hand.

Additional things you can do to reduce the possibility of developing CTS involves a series of exercises and stretching that can be done throughout the day. Dr. William Kaufmana a pioneer in niacin research, found that positive results was found in grip strength among patients who took adequate amounts of the B vitamin niacinamide. CTS victims are often low in niacinamide. Using Ringmaster daily on the wrist and hands will help or prevent CTS pains. Regular muscle massage will also help: Rub the neck on both sides of the vertebrae and in an upward fashion for several minutes. Flex and extend both wrist separately with the opposite hand by rubbing and gently pulling the hand, wrist and each finger. Massage the wrist slowly while slighly pressing into the tendons of the wrist. Massaging the wrist just before going to bed will help prevent the night time tingling

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