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Medicated Rubbing Oil for Relief of Muscle Pain & Soreness

Frank B. Sewell

Our founder and creator, Frank B Sewell, led a fascinating life, filled with hardship and innovation. His spirituality & passion for helping others form the foundation for our product. We constantly strive to meet his legacy in everything that we do.

Frank B. Sewell

Pain Relief Oil

Known for its deep and quick-penetrating ability, Ringmaster Rubbing Oil uses unique, time-proven ingredients: specifically formulated peanut oil and 40% methyl salicylate. Our product will provide you with instant pain relief. Ringmaster Rubbing Oil can also be used in other mediums such as water for foot soaking or compresses.

Pain Relief Oil

Ringmaster Rubbing Oil

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About Us

Painexx Corporation was founded by Frank Bellamy Sewell, who was born during the era of the Great Depression. The business is now operated by his second and third generational family members. Like Frank, they are dedicated to helping people find pain relief through an amazing pain relief rubbing oil. Ringmaster Rubbing Oil is a multi-purpose topical pain reliever that can be used for a variety of ailments. It can be applied directly onto the skin, used in hot soaks, and with body wraps. When applied to the affected area you'll feel a warm soothing sensation that penetrates deep into the sore joints and muscles, providing quick, long-lasting pain relief. Ringmaster provides relief for minor arthritis pain and for many other conditions. Ringmaster is sold everywhere with a money-back guarantee.

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