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Beauty Musts – Ringmaster Rubbing Oil and Black Rose Oil

“I eat about 80 percent raw food, 20 percent cooked.”

Muntu Law

Westbury, New York

Health Store Proprietor

Special Interests:

I live to help people heal themselves, starting with what they eat everyday.

Beauty Musts:

I use black rose oil on my skin and hair, and massage my feet with Ringmaster Rubbing Oil. I eat mostly plant-based foods. Every morning, after I eat fresh fruit, I drink my Muntu powder drink, a nutrient-rich mix of wheatgrss, barley, and spirulina. I also have a mangosteen drink and an apple cider vinegar drink daily to cleanse the liver, pancreas, and blood.

Age Defying Advice:

Do what you love: I like motorcycle riding and chess. Have awesome sex.

Wellness Routine:

I walk, do crunches, and stretch every day. I eat about 80 percent raw food, 20 percent cooked.

Words to Live By:

You’re responsible for your well-being, not the doctors. Think about what you put into your body.


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