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Beating arthritis the old fashion way


My father, Frank Sewell, suffered several crippling illnesses during his lifetime which motivated him to learn to treat the whole person with his medicated oil.  He did this by employing alternative complimentary and spiritual methods of treating his arthritis.  It is our hope to provide our reader with lessons we have learned from my father and thousands of people who shared their stories after using our product, Ringmaster Rubbing Oil.  .

Ringmaster Rubbing Oil is a  powerful, aspirin based, topical rub in a peanut oil base.  It contains the synthetic counter part of the natural salicylates drawn from the inner bark of the birch tree called “the lady of the woods.”  It has been used for centuries as a source of aspirin like pain relief by reducing or eliminating pain associated with arthritis.   The American Indians knew the medicinal benefits of the birch tree.  They used the leaves to make tea for headaches and to relieve the pains of rheumatism, abdominal cramps and healing wounds.  As a result Ringmaster dramatically reduces pain, increases circulation and improves range of motion through self-application or professional therapy.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis.  Twenty-one million people, in America,  suffer pains from a wearing down of the load-bearing joints.  By the time we become senior citzens, most of us experience deterioration of the load bearing joints, especially the knees.  Most complain of early morning stiffness along with pain following a period of rest or inactivity. The pain gets even worse with mild activity, especially during cold weather when the blood circulation slows down because of constriction of the arteries and slight thickening of the blood.  This disease  is further evidenced by a wearing down of the cartilage, causing restricted range of movement, inflammation, pain, tenderness and swelling.  These problems may result in mechanical failure in parts of a joint that may necessitate a surgical replacement of the knee.

Often the cause of joint disorders is an inflammation produced by infection, disease or some unknown cause.  Most joint ailments caused by inflammation are termed “arthritis” from the Greek word “arthron.” for joint. The ends of the bones that meet in a joint are cushioned with a layer of resilient tissue called cartilage, which acts like a sponge that holds a lubricating substance called synovial fluid.  This fluid enables our joints to glide back and forth without friction.

Basically, what occurs in a person with osteoarthritis is that the cartilage that cushions the impact on the joint gradually deteriorates, its smooth surface roughens and loses it cushioning effect.  Over time, the ends of the bones are affected with bone growing along the sides.of the joint to produce lumps. Each step produces pains, with bones cracking and popping.

Having the ideal weight can do a lot in taking the pressure off  your load bearing joints and improving your skeletal health.  The single most important tool in managing your arthritis is maintaining a healthy weight, especially those with osteoarthritis, whose symptoms can be aggravated by excess weight. The symptoms can be reduced once the excess weight is lost.  Obesity places excess load on the ankles, knees and back.  Every additional pound you are overweight adds increased joint pressure by a factor of three to four times the extra weight.   For example, if you are 20 pounds overweight, multiply 20 the pounds by three or four, which will equal 60 to 80 pounds of extra weight on both knees, plus your normal weight.

Substituting simple carbohydrates and processed foods with fish, colorful, fresh vegetables and fruits can start you on the road to losing weight, while reducing painful inflammation.  Omega 3 fatty acids found in supplements or cold water fish, such as salmon, tuna, trout, sardines, herring and mackerel can reduce the kind of inflammation that triggers painful arthritis attacks.  Make an effort to eat baked fish at least three times a week. Stay away from fish high in mercury.   It has been shown that a diet rich in non-acidic fruits, whole grains and brown rice are necessary parts of your diet treatment.

Food allergies increase with age.  For some unknown reason nightshade vegetables such as tomatoes, white potatoes, eggplant, green peppers and corn cause a worsening of arthritis pain.  Nightshade vegetables contain a substance called solanine, a naturally occurring toxin that some people are sensitive to.  Salonine interferes with the enzymes in the muscles causing pain and discomfort.  Some practitioners feel the alkaloids in nightshade plants inhibit the production of collagen that makes up cartilage. Finding the food that is causing  the problem might require a fasting diet by eliminating suspected foods to determine which ones you are sensitive to

Douglas Sewell, is CEO of the Detroit based Painexx Corp., makers of the world’s most powerful topical pain reliever, Ringmaster Rubbing Oil at






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