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Are your vital nutrients at the proper level

The July 2011 FASEB Journal, the worlds most cited biology journal, reported that a modest deficiency of a any vitamin or mineral can increase the chance for age related disease.  Unless you specifically request a complete  micro nutrient analysis during your annual physical its unlikely that more than four or five nutrients will be measured in your blood work.  The body only requires a small amount of the necessary micronutrients needed to  convert food into energy.  The 20 amino acids are the protein building blocks of all forms of life.

If you are deficient in a particular amino acid, nutrients, mineral, antioxidant or enzyme, you may not know it until you exhibit symptoms.  In my case, the laboratory performed 61 test and only measured six actual micronutrients.  Without a complete analysis of my nutrient profile it would be impossible to determine which deficiencies need to be treated.  Nutrient test can be performed through blood work, saliva or hair analysis.

Every nutrient in your body has a specific function for helping to maintain good health.  Getting the proper nutrients has to come from a combination of proper diet and supplementation.  Vitamin A helps to prevent night blindness and promotes good eye health.  As an antioxidant vitamin A  helps to fight against developing abnormal cancer cells and respiration infections.  Vitamin A can also be found in creams to help prevent wrinkles and can be found in supplements or fish oils, yellow fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin B. complex is a combination of B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12, supports healthy skin, hair, eyes, brains function and conversion of food into energy.  B1 is known for its for its ability to lessen the damage caused by diabetes.  B2 (riboflavin) is important in the promotion of good eye health, especially in the prevention of cataracts.  A sign of B2 deficiency is sores on the mouth, impaired mental health and stability. Also, loss of hair and sensitivity to light.  B3 (niacin) is necessary for good circulation, healthy skin and a proper functioning nervous system.

B5 (pantothenic acid) aids in the conversion of carbohydrates into energy.  B5 also works to normalize the functioning of the gastrointestional tract and the adrenal glands. B6 (pyridoxine) is a major nutrient that affects both physical and mental functions.  Physically, pyridoxine promotes the production of hydrochloric acid necessary to metabolize fats and proteins.  It also helps to lower blood pressure by helping to balance potassium and sodium.   B6 is necessary for maintaining a healthy nervous system, normal brain functioning, along with preventing the accumulation of homocysteine  levels that can cause the formation of toxic cholesterol around the heart. muscle.

B12 (methylcobobalamin) is the most commonly known nutritional deficiency, especially among older adults.  Studies have shown that the methylcobobalamin version of B12 is the most readily absorbed by the liver and should be taken instead of the common cyanocobalamin form which is poorly absorbed.  B12 helps in the treatment of multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease by promoting the regenerating of damaged nerves while protecting the fatty sheaths that insulate the nerve endings.  B12 also promotes mental stability, balanced moods, enhanced sleep patterns and improved learning abilities.  More recently, its been determinded that B12 deficiency has been associated with contributing to Alzheimer’s disease.

The nutrient choline has some of same characteristics of B12 which facilitates proper transmission of nerve impuleses from the brain.  Choline is beneficial in promoting heart health, blood pressure and liver function.

Folate, a water soluble B vitamin, that’s better known in its synthetic version as folic acid.  Folate is naturally occurring in foods and necessary for the formation of white and red blood cells.  It is an essential nutrient in helping to support a successful pregnancy.  Folate is a very important nutrient in fetal nerve cell development and has been shown to help prevent a great majority of the neural tube defects..

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant necessary for the formation and repair of collagen, a structural element for tissue growth of tendons, bones, skin and vlood vessels. Vitamin C is essential for healthy gums, hair, feet and joints.  It is also highly effective in protecting the body from pollutants and toxins.  Vitamin C helps cigarette smokers regenerate vitamin E from its oxidized form to scavenge for dangerous free radicals.  The human body does not make vitamin C on its own.  It must come from external sources such as fruts and vegetables.

Vitamin  D (the “sunshine vitamin”) has the characteristics of both a vitamin and a hormone because of its ability to unlock over 2000 genes while nourishing 36 organs.  It helps to fight against 17 forms of cancer, along with providing stronger muscle fibers and bones. Its deficiency is thought to be responsible for a stream of different illnesses that could have been prevented with adequate levels of vitamin D. There are many other benefits, such as,  reducing the hospital death rate of critically ill patients.

Vitamin  E is a major antioxidant that prevents the formation of free radicals and oxidation of fats that form plaque on the interior of the artery eall.  It works to prevent inflammation that may cause arthritis along with protecting the skin from dryness.  Avoid the synthetic  brands of vitamin E.

Vitamin K helps to prevent abnormal blood clotting.  Also vitamin K acts as a catalyst to help transport calcium necessary for building healthy bones.  You should not take vitamin k if you are taking blood thinning drugs.

Coenzyme Q10 sometimes referred as a ubiguinone because of its ability to provide its antioxidant properties to every cell in the body.  Q10 is known for its ability to create energy and cardiovascular health along with supporting healhy gums, blood pressure and defense against diabetes.

Be sure to consult a qualified health care professional to determine what nutrients are best suited for your particular needs.

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