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Painexx Corporation, formulators of Ringmaster Rubbing Oil, has meticulously documented over 3,000 hours of video and audio testimonials and hundreds of letters and emails from thousands of people who have experienced fast pain relief with Ringmaster. No matter how long you've suffered from aches and pains, we offer you an opportunity to exchange misery for comfort and hope. The following are just a few of the many pain relief testimonials proclaiming Ringmaster's effectiveness.

"We have recommended your products to over 100 people over the years. I am a true believer in the product ever since I used it for the first time to relieve tennis elbow. I couldn't even lift my elbow up for over a week and I was scheduled to play in a golf tournament. A business partner recommended the product at a local small store and I used it for about 2-3 days. I entered the tournament and was awarded longest drive of the tournament! We've been using it ever since!"

- P. Colbert

"I started using the oil four years ago as my muscles ached after aerobics and it really took away the pain. What excited me about the oil are its tremendous uses. It prevents the joints from getting tight and it relieves headaches. I just massage it into my temples and 10 minutes later, the pain is gone."

- P. Woods-Lewis

"I just want to say your product is amazing! I have lupus along with its many ailments and pains. The most stubborn has been costrochronditis. That is an inflammation of the ribcage. Nothing worked and trust me, I have tried everything. I tried every cream there is on the market, tried ice and heat, and even had a doctor do cortisone shots and nerve blocks in that area. I tried acupuncture and it would work for about a week and come back.
I tried your product as a last-ditch effort before I resigned myself to the fact that this was one more thing I would have to live with. The worst was I couldn't sleep at night when it really acted up.
When I received your product, I dipped a Q-tip into the bottle and rubbed a small amount on the area. Within 30 minutes the pain had absolutely stopped. It didn't make it more bearable, it completely got rid of it! Over and over again, when I feel pain, I do the same thing and the pain goes away."

- G. Rajala

"I sent Ringmaster home to my dad in Texas. He has arthritis and seems to be having more trouble getting around these days. Well, after putting a couple of capfuls of Ringmaster in his bath and then rubbing into the inflamed areas, he was amazed at the relief he felt."

- D. Serrano

"I have a muscle disease that limits the actions of the body. Your oil has really helped me. I'd like more for myself and some of my friends have also expressed their interest."

- C. Voisin

"I'm an amateur golfer, over 60 years of age with a small build. Before using Ringmaster, in order to hit the ball a great distance I had to, as the saying goes, 'Jump out of my shoes.' Since getting my strength back this past summer, I can hit the ball in somewhat effortless fashion to the distance I did three years ago."

- E. Alexander

"As a hairdresser who specializes in braiding hair for the last 25 years, I have kept Ringmaster on my work station and on my dressing table at home. I reach for it when my feet hurt or my back hurts and since I apply it with my fingers, I also massage in into my hands and wrists. People have asked me all thru my career, 'Do your fingers ever cramp up?' I truly believe that using Ringmaster throughout the years has been a preventive measure whereby I have never experienced any cramping or pain in my hands. I believe in its restorative power and it works for me."

- K. Taylor

"It works; that's the bottom line and people in Flint who I've given it to always call me back and ask, 'Where can I get some of that?'"

- F. Telford