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Body aches and pains come from every conceivable source, such as sports injuries, falls, strains, illness, work, and more. Ringmaster Rubbing Oil was created more than 60 years as a specialty pain relief rub for those who prefer an alternative pain medication that provides deep penetration that relieves minor aches and pains.

Using the Power of Peanuts

Ringmaster is a "super rub." A medicated peanut oil, it is carefully blended and aged for maximum relief of stiff muscles and joint friction. Our rubbing oil also solves tightness, sore muscles, and restricted range of movement. All of these problems require a lubricating pain rub that penetrates, lubricates, and medicates without the side-effects that are sometimes caused by the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) commonly prescribed for arthritis pain. With Ringmaster, athletes have found the edge they needed to perform longer and people dealing with chronic pain have been able to leave their canes and walkers behind.

Painexx Corporation, makers of Ringmaster Rubbing Oil, has documented over 3000 hours of video and audio testimonials from thousands of people who have experienced relief from many types of pain including arthritis, osteoarthritis, back soreness, joint pain, and more. Included among Ringmaster's satisfied customers in the past are:

• Emmanuel Steward, boxer
• Eleanor Roosevelt, former First Lady
• Muhammad Ali, Former Heavyweight Champion