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About Frank Sewell & the Ringmaster Rubbing Oil Story

Frank Sewell

On February 6, 1916, Frank Bellamy Sewell was born in Fairburn, GA area as the United States was about to enter into the era of the Great Depression. Despite those harsh times, Frank met several people who changed the course of his life and led him towards being a successful inventor, entrepreneur, and ordained minister.

He survived poverty and near-death experiences - from serious illnesses - both of which led to the invention of Ringmaster Rubbing Oil.

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The Pain & Vision

 In 1947, prompted by his own continuing bouts with pain, Frank began a search for a medication that would provide relief. Though he possessed knowledge of chemistry and performed a great deal of experimentation, developing an effective product that would embody his spiritual, philosophical, and historical beliefs was not an easy task. In fact, he attempted - unsuccessfully - for three years, to perfect a workable formula. Once Frank discovered that peanut oil was the best carrier oil, he knew that he had the master formula.

Encouraged, but still skeptical of the great results, Frank embarked on a mission of mercy to determine whether or not Ringmaster worked. He traveled the country for years, often without compensation, massaging hundreds of sick people, giving away thousands of bottles of product to those who could not afford to pay. Giving away so much product kept him under financed, so when he ran out of money, he would do odd jobs in order to buy raw materials to make more medicine. Finally, after five years of witnessing medical miracles, he was convinced that Ringmaster worked.

The Origin of the Name - Ringmaster Rubbing Oil

"The only thing lacking for the rubbing oil when I dreamed the formula was a name. I concentrated several days on a name; finally the name came and appeared on a piece of paper I had been writing on at the kitchen table. As I sat at the table, thoughts were going through my mind: you are suffering from weak, almost crippled legs; your left lung has adhesions; you have six children of your own (the eldest only ten years old and the youngest is six months old); and with all of these problems besetting you, you are without money.- With such thoughts going through my mind the word ‘ringmaster’ appeared written on the paper. I sat there and thought about the significance of the word ‘ringmaster’ and I suddenly realized that for one to work and manipulate themselves out of such a trap - as I was in - one would have to be a ringmaster."

-Frank Sewell

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The Struggle

Frank Sewell's success has not come without ridicule and naysayers who routinely dismissed this alternative product as nothing more than "Snake Oil". What they failed to acknowledge is that the human body's 206 bones are connected together by a delicate hinge system that needs lubrication to maintain free and easy movement and this is where Ringmaster comes in.

The body has a built-in lubricating system called Synovial fluid, which helps cushion the bones and lubricate the joints so the bones can glide without friction. When we place weight on our joints the fluid is compressed throughout cartilage, which acts like a sponge providing lubrication for our joints. Osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis affects almost a 100% of the population at some point as people age.

As we age the cartilage wears thin like the lining of a brake pad, causing the joints to rub together creating pain and stiffness on the load bearing joints like the knees, lower back and hip joints.

Salves, creams, lotions and gels don't help the joints glide back and forth without friction but Ringmaster does. Without movement painful muscles and joints will eventually freeze up and lose mobility. Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are typically the drugs of choice which will often upset the gastrointestinal track.

The Center of Disease Control predicts arthritis to increase 50% by the year 2020. Obviously, pain comes from all kinds of sources. If you combine all the miscellaneous reasons for pain then practically everyone either knows someone in pain or is in pain themselves and Ringmaster is the answer.

The Goal

Frank Sewell's vision is worldwide in scope and he wishes to see thousands of heathier, more complete people without pain. It is his belief that his vision can be accomplished through selling Ringmaster Rubbing Oil to the thousands of people that need it.